Twin Sisters Marry Twin Brothers And Move Into The Same House


It’s not every day you see a set of twins and certainly not every day you see twins marry twins.

In August 2018, identical twin brothers, Josh and Jeremy Salyer married twin sisters Brittany and Brianna Deane. It all started with a chance encounter that culminated in a romantic, storybook wedding. This unique story is a little more than coincidence – it’s about a series of exciting events that kept doubling up from the twins’ meeting to proposals, weddings and more.

The doubled-up love feature became a media sensation and their story continues to fascinate people the world over.

1. Brittany and Brianna

Born in Virginia, twins Brittany and Brianna grew up very close to each other. They shared everything including identical looks, physique, and haircuts, but not identical fingerprints!

Brittany and Brianna were inseparable and then after high school, they decided to study law at different colleges but ended up working at the same law firm. Through their early twenties, they tried dating ‘singletons’ (men who don’t have a twin sibling) but the relationships ever worked out.